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About National Lease Plans

The Land Registration Act 2002 came into force on October 2003, since then new leases of 7 years or more or existing leases sold with 7 years or more unexpired must be registered with Land Registry along with a compliant Lease Plan.

Ready to respond, National Lease Plans was setup in the same year, to provide quality residential and commercial Lease Plans to property lease holders and related professionals, such as solicitors, estate agents and chartered surveyors.

Current Lease Plan requirements are not fully understood by many, resulting in rejected plans and delayed completion. All our Lease Plans are fully compliant with Land Registry requirements and produced within 2-5 days of survey.

Based on a firm foundation of experience and specialist knowledge, National Lease Plans has quickly become nationally recognised as a fast and efficient nationwide service.

How We Work

  • Once instructed, we will visit the property to undertake a detailed survey
  • We then produce your lease plan using our digital drawing systems to ensure accuracy, efficient drawing retrieval and fast replication
  • Your Lease Plan is delivered to you as printed copy ready for immediate insertion into the appropriate lease document
  • Digital versions are also emailed to you for future reference completing the process

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